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Reprocessing of contaminated soil (video)

Future solutions

Did you know that every resident of the European Unionon an average basis consumes up to ten tons of raw materials a year? The same as the weight of two small elephants.

Raw materials are the primary basis of our society’s infrastructure, construction, roads, railways etc. Unfortunately, this is also means materials that are widely used are then discarded again.

Converted into elephant numbers, the yearly amount of waste products from all residents of Latvia amounts to more than 6 mill elephants. Thought-provoking, right?

On top of this, the building- and construction sector is today responsible for a great part of the total amount of waste in Latvia and in the private sector approximately 30 percent of our waste is related to maintenance of the home, garden etc. Waste coming from our raw materials!

However, our efficiency recovery rate is today at 70 percent, much higher than just ten years ago. But, we can still be better!

We need to use less raw materials and create less waste. But this requires both new technology, investment, lots of motivation and a change in attitudes and habits: And not the least; time!

We must think waste as a resource we can use and not a problem we have to remove. We must learn to exploit the value of our waste and make it a part of our production of new usable products.

In DC Resources we do not know much about elephants. On the other hand, we have many years of experience and lots of knowledge on environmental management and recycling of construction materials, eg contaminated soil, concrete, track ballast and asphalt.

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