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DC Aggregates is the UK division of DC Resources who are one of the largest producers and suppliers of granite aggregates in Northern Europe, providing a complete range of materials for concrete, reinforced concrete, road, bridges, rail and hydraulic structures, delivering up to 5 million tonnes of aggregates to customers across Northern Europe.

In according with European standards we supply:

EN 12620 - aggregates for the production of concrete,
EN 13043 - aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatment of roads, airfields and other traffic areas,
EN 13242 - aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound mixtures for construction and road construction,
EN 13383 - stones of various sizes for hydraulic structures,
EN 13450 - railway ballast aggregates.

Each DC Resources quarry has its own strengths. The material produced in the Seljestokken quarry has a high wear resistance ideally suited to  asphalt and railway ballast, the Eikefet and Halsvik quarries produce asphalt and concrete minerals and stones for both coastal protection and water building structures.

Approved stock reserves in quarries include:

Seljestokken quarry over 150 million tons
Eikefet quarry over 200 million tons
Eidsnes quarry above 10 million tons
Halsvik quarry over 180 million tons
Kvalsund quarry above 500 million tons.