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The extraction and original permits for gneiss granite at the site can be traced back to 1872, the installation of the first crushing plant was made in 1971 with the next significant investment being made in 1982.
The business operates as DC Eikefet Aggregates AS with the owners Belgian Group De Cloedt who hold 100% of the shares. The quarry works in close cooperation with the other De Cloedt Norwegian quarries at Halsvik (DC Halsvik Aggregates AS) and Seljestokken (NSE AS).


The site has a consent to extract a further 200 million tonnes with scope for extension after this. In recent years the business has operated at around 2 million tonnes in annual production and sales. As the Norwegian coastal quarrying industry has developed and matured, an established position has been secured by DC Eikefet Aggregates AS across the coastal regions of Northern Europe and Russia.
The owners have invested for the future, and as environmental concerns have increased, the scope to open and develop new quarries has become increasingly limited.
Eikefet enjoys unrestricted access to Osterfjorden and has 2 exclusive quays with permission to operate 24/7.

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